” Notero is an innovative leader to learn music with fun and outstanding. We enhance quality of life and lift us up with worldwide partnerships. “ 

We create quality and fun music learning innovation to make it easy accessible for everyone and improve life with music. 

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• Create music learning innovations that support sustainable business growth.

 • Identity and disseminate Notero-style music learning.

• Develop a quality music learning to be easy accessible, enjoyable with tangible outcomes

• Strive to enhance the quality of life of employees and stakeholders through music in all dimensions.

• Expand various partnerships both in Thailand and other countries through various forms of cooperation.

Music Gamification Platform is an innovation in learning music for all children.

Notero started in 2021 as an education Start Up with the intention of wanting every child to grow up with access to learning opportunities. Equally effective music Through innovative learning in the form of Gamification. Because of the problems that we have encountered, most children give up learning music. or continuous learning Because traditional music learning is boring, not fun, or some people may not find a teacher they like, causing those children to give up on learning music. Notero realizes this importance and has developed a solution to meet the needs of children to enjoy playing music. and incentivize them to continually learn music cause natural musical skills which is the basis for further development in other areas, ready to be a soft power for our country. 

And with the experience that we have accumulated for more than 10 years, we have expertise in music and game software development. Combined with a quality team that is capable, experienced and has the intention to create a music learning system that uses technology to play a role. Together, they form a form of Gamification, a curriculum that has high potential and yields satisfactory results for learning and personal development in music.

Our vision is to transform children’s musical learning opportunities into a natural and fun love of music so that learning can continue smoothly. create new possibilities Until being able to develop the most effective music learning.

However, we would like to extend these ideas. And share it with different schools in the normal education system. and a special education system let them use technology And our knowledge can be applied to teach music in your own classroom harmoniously and effectively. To enhance learning and access to music Improves the quality of life of youth, families and society as a whole with the happiness of music.

And with our flexible business structure We are ready to open the opportunity to receive partners in various fields, both in teaching music. creating a good and efficient learning system including technology and investment partners in order for us to reach the goals we want together.

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