With learning music in Thailand being difficult to access. Only students in the city or upper middle-income families have access to music. There are still many students who do not have access to music as they should. and when looking at the technology and innovation developed It also runs counter to rural students who lack the opportunity to access. Therefore, we came up with the idea of developing this part equally. Encourage all Thai children to have equal opportunities to learn music. Able to continue and increase opportunities for future career options as well.

Thai Children’s Dreams Project with Smart Music Classroom Was founded by Mr. Apisak Aphachamjarat, CEO of Notero Co., Ltd., he saw a loophole that few people would pay attention to. Brainstorm ideas and solve existing problems in today’s society. both the lack of personnel teaching music lack of musical equipment and high budget With this in mind, a solution like Smart Music Classroom was born, a group music learning tool. Use a small number of teachers to control the class. There are fun music teaching materials. lighten the burden of teachers and the budget is not high.

We use Gamification techniques for these tools to develop courses that are easily accessible. easy to understand Reduce the problem of teaching preparation time. Increase the fun and increase the time of learning.

This project is one of the CSR projects that the company has prepared as a model project in curriculum and technology development. We have organized a project in Chiang Mai with 4 schools participating. Wiang Sethi Wittaya School, Wat Sri Don Chai School, Ban San Sai School and Wat Sandon Moon School It is a poor school in the countryside that has music lessons. But the music learning equipment is quite deteriorated according to its age. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to change the new style of music education to be more modern. Children will learn music with quality equipment and modern technology. learned the piano able to practice from the basics to the advanced level effectively.

This is just one project to fulfill Thai children’s dreams with a smart music classroom supported by Notero, but we still have many projects to make Thai children’s dreams reach quality and happiness in music learning with Notero.

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