Notero was born from the determination and determination of the founder, Mr. Apisak Apajamcharat, and a number of young team members who have experience and the common intention to participate in the creation of a music education system (Music Education) that is fun and conducive for children to be able to learn in various musical instruments and understand the universal musical language (international notation) by creating experiences It is like playing a game or Gamification that has outstanding features that make the teaching atmosphere fun, not boring and help the development of children in learning music naturally. and get more results within a shorter period of time. And enable them to continue learning music at a higher level. And from teaching music in this Gamification system, it also helps children develop better in terms of emotion, concentration and intelligence, able to grow up according to their age and full potential and can continue to be quality members of society.

The best investment for us is investing in education for children, because children are the future, so Notero intends to invest in the future. This return on investment is a great future for our society.

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