Change learning
to be fun like a game

with Smart Technology from Notero Smart Music. We developed a new way of learning piano with Gamification that makes learning no longer boring.

Fun Learning

Make learning more fun with games. It's a new look at music that's like playing a fun game and ready to effectively insert learning content.


Challenging students with adventures in different levels with different difficulty divided by level. It was designed by music experts.


System showing students' results with technology that helps to know the development of learners. And there is a system that allows teachers to design their own lessons.

Find the right course for you Smart Music Classroom


Piano Piano course for children aged 4 years and over, designed with Music Gamification, fun learning, playing faster than the original course.


Drums, drum lessons with games Fun learning with catchy hit songs, not boring, packed with content. Teaching from the basics one-on-one.


Guitar, a new kind of guitar class. By learning through technology, learning is fun, easy to understand, as if having a teacher accompanying you every time.

Young children

Young children course Get ready for learning and developing fine motor skills by learning music with Course for Kid.

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